What’s the Story?

Favorite Christmas Stories


What better time to discuss our favorite Christmas stories? I have a lengthy and diverse list (instead of a gift wish list!). Watching these movies or television specials is an important part of the holiday tradition at our house.

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Guilty Pleasures

Me (age 7) and our Siberian Husky Tanya. We read Charlotte's Web together that summer.

We all have them. Come on, admit it. Somewhere in your past is a story—be it book or film—that you love so much, it’s a guilty pleasure.

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Sports As Story


As a writer, I’m intrigued by how the media turns so many elements of sports into STORY. First, there are the many personalities and life stories of the players. Then, there’s the fact that many sports provide the central conflict necessary for great drama.

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Story Icons: The Protector


I’m wild about heroes who play the role of “Protector.” From True Grit to Terminator 2, there are hundreds of stories that feature this iconic hero. Often a loner or someone who has been shunned by society, the Protector defies convention and risks his life to keep the heroine safe.

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The Classics Are, Well… Classic.


Go ahead and list them. Those “classics” you were forced to read in school. Which ones were on your list?

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My Kingdom for a Horse (Story)


I have always loved the majestic beauty of horses. I was also one of those geeky kids who read a lot. Naturally, I sought out horse stories.

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Do You Belong To A Book Club?


Since so many readers I meet love to mention what they’re reading, I’ve started to wonder: how many of them belong to some sort of book club or forum to discuss their reactions to books? Do YOU belong to one?

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Villains We Love To Hate


Come on, you’ve got one. Who is it? Great stories often require great villains. Without them, our heroes cannot be truly heroic. They provide the force we long to see our hero overcome.

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Story Icons: The Little Mermaid


Hans Christian Andersen brought us some lovely, compelling tales about characters who didn’t quite fit into their world. The Ugly Duckling. The Little Mermaid. They recognized that they belonged among a different crowd. They just didn’t know how to get there.

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Should I Read the Harry Potter Books?


Let me just start out by saying that I love the character Harry Potter. I’ve seen the movies through The Half-Blood Prince. Thrilling, enjoyable, and for someone who didn’t raise her own kids, what a treat to watch Harry, Ron and Hermione grow up over the years.

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