About My Blog

Welcome to the blog dedicated to story in all its forms.

September 2012, Note:  Just a heads up that I’m putting the blog on hiatus. Those of you who know me will shake your heads. I’m rather a lost cause when it comes to maintaining a personal blog for more than a few months at a time. Truthfully, there are just so many other things I want to accomplish. And adding another blog to the noise of the Internet is not high on that list.

I’ll try to swing through here occasionally. I’ll even try to stay somewhat on message—but, no guarantees.

*   *   *

In 2012, I plan to be here each Monday and Thursday to post something about Story. I’ll strive for short and pithy, but I make no promises. In addition, I may introduce guest bloggers or review a book or a movie I loved.  And, during 2012, since I’m training to complete my first half-marathon, I’ll be posting Workout Wednesday posts to share updates on my progress.

For What’s the Story, I touch on novels of all genres, children’s books, movies, songs, poetry, and stories in all their contemporary forms, including forays into stand-up comedy, television commercials, professional sports, newscasting, and anything else that comes to mind. I tend to be pretty nostalgic at times, so some of my posts may refer to classics or “oldies but goodies.”

With luck, others who love story will stop by to add their comments and recommendations.  Who knows, we might all broaden our horizons. I’m always looking for a great new read, maybe you are, too.

Since I can’t be here all hours of every day (I know, what’s up with that??), I’ll add a few ground rules here. By their nature, stories are all unique and what we love or hate about stories is highly subjective.

1.  This blog is for readers, movie-watchers, and people who love to receive stories.  If you’re an author, screenwriter, director, composer, that’s fabulous.  Please don’t try to sell your story here.

2.  Recommendations are welcome. Praise is welcome.  If you want to suggest someone avoid a story, please do so in diplomatic terms and explain why the story didn’t work for you.

3.  In keeping with #2, if you leave a comment I consider derogatory toward a story or its creator, I’ll delete it.  Sorry in advance. My playground. My rules.

4.  Please try to avoid spoilers–especially with newer stories. Not everyone has seen the latest movie or read the hot bestseller. If you feel you must comment on something that might potentially spoil the story for someone, please include ***spoiler alert*** BEFORE you spoil it!  The newbies can go rent the DVD or read the book, then come back and finish reading your engaging comment.

5.  If you’re looking for author interviews or prize giveaways, you might want to check other blogs. I won’t say I’m never going to conduct an interview or give something away, but believe me, it’ll be a rare event.

6.  I’m not the expert. I urge you to scroll through the comments, because I will bet someone during the discussion will provide better insights than my initial post. My goal is to get you thinking and if discussion ensues, hopefully it will entertaining and enlightening.

7.  I’m not easily offended, but other readers might be. Let’s agree to keep the conversation courteous and to avoid slinging around curse words. Aim for a PG rating in your comments, please.

8.  On a typical day, I’m online. If you need to hunt me down, post me a message via the Connect page.

I hope you’ll come back and visit often to find out What’s the Story around here. Thanks!